Cheese & Pies – Rolling Subscription

£35.00 on the 3rd of each month

The ultimate foodie sensation!

  • 1 Pie, 4 Cheeses
  • 800g Approx
  • 1 - 8 People

This subscription is a sure fire way to put a smile on anyone’s face and get you as excited as a kid at Christmas when the box arrives each month. 

In this wonderful box you will be getting 4 cheeses picked from the best wheels of the month and a scrum-diddly-umptious pie from The York Pie Co. This is a food lover’s safe haven, giving you all the deliciousness you could dream off. 

In your box you will get 4 cheeses, each weighing 200g each. You will be getting 800g of cheese, that will be perfect for personal consumption over a few weeks or great for having friends over for a cheese evening! This cheese box will comfortably feed up to 8 people.

As the pieces are a good old size, you will get a nice shelf life with them! If you are buying this for yourself and thinking you just want some nice cheeses to nibble on over the month, then this is the perfect subscription for you! Our hard, mature cheeses will last up to a month, while semi hard cheeses will last around 2 to 3 weeks and soft cheeses will keep for just over a week, giving you plenty of time to eat and enjoy your monthly selection.

To ensure that you get the most out of your cheeses, make sure you only cut off the bits you want to eat and keep the rest stored in the fridge and wrapped in clingfilm. If you happen to get a particularly stinky cheese at some point then pop it in a tupperware and save your fridge.

  • Payment is taken at the beginning of each month on the 3rd.
  • Your subscription box will arrive the 3rd week of every month so you’ll get your cheeses as a mid-month treat.
  • Delivery is free on all subscriptions.
  • All subscriptions start the following month.

Box Delivery Date: 3rd week of each month

First payment: August 3, 2024

Free Delivery - 3rd week of each month
Top quality produce
Climate controlled packaging

Perks of subscribing

Cheese according to your preferences

You will receive 4 cheeses each month based on your preferences! No blue? No problem! Vegetarian? Sorted! Not sure on goat’s cheese? Then skip it!

Get the best cheeses of the month

Each month we will send you the best of the batches. We stock over 50 cheeses, meaning you will get 4 cheeses that are a head above the rest. You may even receive exclusive cheeses should we hear from any of our suppliers that there’s a particularly sensational batch about.

Cheese and more for incredible value

That’s right, all our subscriptions are incredible value! Meaning you’ll get the creme de la creme for less!

Take the hassle out of choosing

It can be hard picking cheeses, we know! There’s just too many to choose from. So take the hassle out of it. With our subscriptions you can rest easy knowing you’ll be getting the best of the month, every month!

Choose between 4 incredible subscriptions

There’s something for everyone here… Love wine, we’ve got you. Love beer, yup, we’ve got you there. Love pies, you guessed it, we have got you! You can choose from any of these or just go with a classic cheese box, it’s up to you!

Guide to your box

  • 4 Cheeses freshly cut and individually wrapped with our reusable Gel Ice Pack.
  • 1 scrum-diddly-umptious pie from The York Pie Co.
  • Our cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.
  • A guide to your box and tasting notes for you to enjoy.

Love cheese? Love Cheese and Wine Subscriptions…

It’s really that simple

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