Private Cheese Tasting Events

Fancy doing something new with your friends and family?

Maybe looking for a new way to amplify your zoom catch ups or have a celebration that requires a little more va va voom? Well, have we got the thing for you!

Love Cheese have been continually providing the good people of the UK mouth-watering cheese tasting experiences through the power of the internet. Now, we have revised these tastings so that you – yes, YOU – can host them for your friends and family.

With a variety of tasting options and regions, you will be able to pick the perfect bespoke package for you and your guests. We will also send the organiser the tasting notes and a “how to” so they will be able to take the lead and guide those joining you through a proper Love Cheese tasting.

Just to make everything yummier – if you have more than 24 households getting involved, you will have the option to have a member of the Love Cheese family to run your tasting for you!

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What cheese tastings can I do?

We have 5 different tasting options:

Discover France

Discover Italy

Best of British

Discover Spain

Love Cheese Favourites

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The types of events you can book

Based on our tasting options you can then choose the following:

Hosted Tasting Event

To qualify for a member of the Love Cheese team to guide you through your tasting experience there needs to be 24+ Households.

  • 2 full bottles of wine and 6 cheeses
  • 5 decanted wines and 5 cheeses

Self-Ran Tasting Event

To run your own tasting we only need 2+ Households, you will receive tasting notes and a guide on how to run your own tasting experience.

  • 2 full bottles of wine and 6 cheeses
  • 3 full bottles of wine and 6 cheeses

Cheese Tasting FAQs

Is there a minimum number of guests for corporate cheese and wine tastings?

It depends what you are after! We have two umbrellas for our Virtual Tasting Experiences; Hosted and Self-Ran. For a hosted event we require a minimum number of 24 boxes to be ordered. For self-ran events we only require 1!

How do you send out the packages to the guests for Virtual Tasting Experiences?

We send them out from Love Cheese to each member of your party. There’s no messing around with you divvying out the boxes – we will take care of that for you.

When will I receive my tasting box for my cheese and wine evening?
You will normally receive your box a day or two prior to your event!
What’s included in the price for a tasting box?
Everything! Postage, packaging, VAT and your cheeses and wine.
Where can you post the cheese and wine tasting boxes to?
At the moment, we only post to mainland UK.
What are the portion sizes of wine and cheese in these tastings?

  • 5 wines and 5 cheeses – You will receive 0.25 bottles of decanted wines and around 80g of each cheese.
  • 2 wines and 6 cheeses – You will receive 2 full bottles of wine and around 70g of each cheese.
  • 3 wines and 6 cheeses – You will receive 3 full bottles of wine and around 70g of each cheese.

I would like to run my own cheese and wine tasting event, can I do that?

Yes! We will send the products to you and your guests before your selected date along with tasting notes for you to run your own tasting evening.

Do you have non-alcoholic cheese tasting options?

While we currently don’t offer non-alcoholic tasting experiences, those who are tee-total can still get involved! If you are running an event and someone doesn’t drink we can send them an alcohol free box. We will include more goodies for them to enjoy!

Do you have vegan or veggie options?

We currently do not stock vegan cheese, but we have got an array of vegetarian friendly cheeses. If you would like a veggie safe cheese tasting experience, please specify this early on and we will help provide this for you. Due to supplying tradition, farmhouse cheeses, we cannot guarantee vegetarian friendly cheeses will be included without prior specification.

How do I pay for my virtual cheese and wine event?

We require one bulk payment. So, it’s up to you guys to organise who you want to be in charge of the final invoice payment. We require a final payment 2 to 3 weeks prior to your event. For hosted events we will require a deposit payment of 10% that we will invoice once the booking is all confirmed. This will then be removed from the final invoice.

Contact our team to start your event.

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Please note, as a supplier of traditional, farmhouse cheeses they are quite often made to age-old methods and such many are non-vegetarian. While we can accommodate for vegetarian friendly tastings, unless specified we cannot exclude non-vegetarian cheeses from the tastings at this time.

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